Friday, July 10, 2009

Crimson Shadow

Having heard that three of the Rezzables sims will be leaving SL (only Greenies will remain), my mission for this weekend is to visit all of them. Here's a look at the first one I visited.


Crimson Shadow is a vampiric themed sim. Much of it is taken up by the store, which has some really good stuff.

Not so sure about the freaky dripping eyeballs... ugh. No pic of those, you will have to go see them yourself.

The stained glass windows were really beautiful up close.
Upon arrival, we quickly realized we were dressed too cheerfully and hastened to ransack our inventories for something a little darker... our resulting look was more Matrix than Goth, but hey, it worked for me.
The first direction we walked led us to the ballroom, where I found myself unable to resist a dance. Coolest dance cage ever!
We tested out various "Bite Me" poseballs lying around, and exhausted from all the blood loss, we spent a little time just resting...
Once we had recovered, we set off to explore some more and found this Hall of Blood. Watch your step, the walkway is in need of repairs.
The construction of the hall was oddly organic and I tried not to think too much about what it might be made of.... *shiver*
The walls of the hall were inscribed with various charming little sayings of doom, such as this one.
Survived the Hall of Blood and Doom... and none the worse for wear.
More wandering took us to an outside area with a view of the gloomy and very cool buildings.
Where I took this vanity shot just because it looked cool... muahaha!

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