Friday, July 10, 2009

Tunnel of Light

Another Rezzable sim that will soon be leaving SL is the Tunnel of Light. This sim is best viewed under the influence of... whatever your poison of choice is.


First we went to the so-called "main ride", the Tunnel of Light. A sign at the landing point for the sim advises how to set the graphics to see the trippy visual effects.
In a strangely Disneyesque fashion, we were seated in a flying teacup and saucer. That's where the Disney resemblance ends.
After passing through the blue starry section of tunnel, our teacup passed through a black veil and we emerged in a field of glowing water lilies.
We experimented a little with stopping and starting the teacup using the center button, but this threw my camera outside the tunnel, so I quickly gave that up and photographed on the fly (on the float?).

Our next stop was an eerie silent glowing forest.
After the forest we passed into what was by far the highlight of the journey for me, a miniature cosmos with a blue glowing path.
I found this part incredibly beautiful and peaceful. I'll spare you the dozens of screenshots and just give you one.
When the teacup tour ended, we headed back to the sign at the landing area, on which was listed something called "Eat the Worm". This was so bizarre I had to check it out. I walked through a hallway of Latin American artwork, which led to a saloon.
In the saloon I found this awesome free mask! (OK, I didn't find it, my companion did, but graciously pointed it out to me so I could get one too.)
I sat myself down on one of the barstools, grabbed a shot of tequila off the bar, and I don't know what happened next. I probably passed out.

When I came to, I was flying through a crazy acid trip on an out of control barstool. Good thing I didn't have dinner first.

Is THIS the worm I'm supposed to eat? I don't think I'm quite that hungry.
Or maybe it's this cute little guy. Hi, little worm, will you be my appetizer?
Oh my god, it was a psychedelic worm for sure. Help meeeee....
(Rub my eyes ferociously and swallow to keep the worm from coming back up...)Is it getting dark in here? Oh look, another worm!
No, no, I don't want to go into the light... wait...

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