Friday, August 14, 2009



Mindgardens was a lovely and intriguing place, with a little bit of everything... dragons, drowning, drizzle, drum circle... but NO drama! When we visited it was very peaceful.

I used Search to find it, and I must warn you that the teleport link from Search left me falling 200m from the sky. However, once I landed and collected my bearings, the arrival point is full of waterfalls, sparklies and rainbows, a lovely fantasy scene.
From there we explored the caves behind the waterfall, and found Fluffy, the three-headed dragon.
This rainy and wild landscape was a strange contrast to the sparklies and butterflies on the other side of the island.
Another cave we found turned out to be the Haunted Cave. I meditated a bit...
... before going on to discover that demons do NOT like to swim. Blub glub.
This demon was in much need of comfort after my death by drowning experience. Fortunately, there were these nice soft... um... mushrooms?... to rest on.
I found a NICE place to dry off. Demons LIKE fire. Mmmmmmmm.....
Climbing endless rocky stairs and crossing a rope bridge brought us to the standing stones and bonfire, over which presided a giant snake. This place is also named the Drum Circle, but we didn't find any drums there.
Finding our way to yet another cave, this one had something very interesting inside it. Hmmm...
We ended our exploring by relaxing in this Elven lighthouse/garden/spa building. A nice place to watch the sunset.