Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bora Bora Isles


The Bora Bora Isles sim is small but very nice for a quick relaxing afternoon in the tropics. The landing point is in a shop selling water toys such as surfboards, windsurfers and rafts. I like this raft, it's easy to steer and you can flip over and relax. Yawn...
Exploring around the sim, we found a treasure chest that when opened, gives you some kind of "treasure" and then vanishes, to be found somewhere else later. I got a "dead starfish", which left me feeling a bit like Charlie Brown on Halloween, but my companion got this very cool hang glider!
The beach surrounds a small lagoon. Walking down the sandspit, we came to another section of beach which was labeled as a public beach area. There were some beach huts here to relax in, and this interesting monument. There was a poseball called "worship"... haha. Thinking this would be something cute like kneeling, I tried it... and the lava god statue sucked me down into the lava, laughing evilly.After this, I took a little siesta in an unused lifeguard tower.
The tower was on the inland side of the island. Behind me you can see the gorgeous view of the lagoon and the sandspit along the sea.
I was able to sweet talk my companion into fixing us some cool drinks in the cabana...
Er... is that giant blue poseball WATCHING us? O.o
Phew, we managed to escape the giant poseball and find a nice soft place for a nap and a cuddle.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Prim Lashes!

Here's a new thing for me... prim eyelashes!
I would never wear false eyelashes in RL, but in SL it's a different story, and these are so cute.

4th of July lashes by Amaranthim Talon: (blog) (XStreet)

Purple star eyelashes by 3Ring Binder: (XStreet)

Oh, and the eyes in the 4th of July picture were made by me, my first ones! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009



This is a beautiful sim with a vampire roleplay theme. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I was not bitten while exploring there.

Because it is a dedicated RP sim, visitors must wear a guest pass in order to get access to the sim; information and guest passes are obtained by clicking on the skulls right at the point where you teleport into the sim.

If you don't have anything gothic enough to wear, you can pick something up in the adjoining shop.

When I started walking, it could have been any little agrarian town... some wooden houses, banners and pavilions indicating a market or festival had just ended.

In the huts you could sign up to do exciting and fun chores like scrubbing the floor. Whee! I just can't get enough of this at home.
Walking further I found a small farmstead.
A harvested field, complete with scarecrow (and a crow that obviously wasn't).
On the hill stood a picturesque (and very nicely built) windmill. I didn't look inside it to see if I could do more wonderful chores like grinding wheat and lugging sacks around.

I didn't know vampires liked milk, but there was a stable with a couple of cows (yay, more chores). This would have been more productive if I had had a milk bucket.
Er, and there was an anatomically correct bull.
Wandering into the woods behind the farm, I found some gypsy wagons. No one was around so I peeked inside.
Just beyond the gypsy wagons was this summoning circle.
There was also a standing stone circle, but since someone had kindled a fire there I didn't stay to see if I was the sacrifice.
And here's where things get a little creepier... skeletal trees and deserted looking gothic architecture.
Possibly the remains of the last tourist who visited... moving right along... hurry up...
The temple of the blue flame was beautiful, but that hooded statue inside was downright hair raising. I hotfooted it out of there...
Only to run into THIS cheery fellow instead.
And on that note, I decided to call it a day. It would have been truly hair-raising to visit Golgothica at midnight!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Blue Galaxy


Inspired by pictures posted by Lexxi, I went to visit the Blue Galaxy sim. This is a truly unique and creative build, which drew my mind back to the million sci-fi worlds I visited in my reading over the years. It really did feel like visiting another planet. Upon landing, the air surrounding me was filled with slowly falling yellow spores that reminded me of one of my favorite Ages in URU.

These were definitely not the same old SL trees and landscapes. The forest was giant, lush and otherworldly.

The sleek looking buildings and devices made me want to push buttons and pull levers.

Hidden in the center of the forest was a little mall (selling alien avatars - of course), and even the mall looked futuristic.

Friday, June 05, 2009



In general, I don't like "shopping" as a pastime, except when the sim has other interesting or beautiful places to explore. This is one of those exceptions.

Rustica is a themed sim, built around a castle in which the owner sells some very well made furniture and other items.

The neighborhood looks quiet enough, despite all the smoke.
A nice spot to relax with wine and poetry.
OMG, help meeeeeee!!!
I'm not sure if this is a clock or what, but it looks very mystical. The little black spheres orbit around the crystals in the center like planets around the sun.
No idea what bumblebees and black-eyed Susans have to do with the rest of the sim's theme, but I thought they were adorable furniture! The flower has a sit pose on it also.
The relationship of this sofa to the surroundings is also strange, but this sofa would have felt right at home on the Refuge & Expansion sims by AM Radio...



This is a skin shop, but the entire sim, including the shop itself, is a fantastic sci-fi themed build!

Futuristic city:
Hmmm, an atmospheric dome...
What's in here? Me!
I attempted to communicate with the Matrix, but it said my limited form of communication was insufficient.
Yiiii.... They have banana peels in space???
Ouch... anyone know of a good Second Chiropractor?



I've found several cool sims in the latest freebie hunt.

The pics below are from a sim called Hellraiser. The sim is for motorcycles only, no cars allowed, and features a biker bar, roads to ride on, and a shop that sells roadsters. You can pick up a free demo bike in the shop and ride it around the sim.

No cars allowed here!

I'm a VERY good driver... dad lets me drive slow in the driveway on Sundays...