Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bora Bora Isles


The Bora Bora Isles sim is small but very nice for a quick relaxing afternoon in the tropics. The landing point is in a shop selling water toys such as surfboards, windsurfers and rafts. I like this raft, it's easy to steer and you can flip over and relax. Yawn...
Exploring around the sim, we found a treasure chest that when opened, gives you some kind of "treasure" and then vanishes, to be found somewhere else later. I got a "dead starfish", which left me feeling a bit like Charlie Brown on Halloween, but my companion got this very cool hang glider!
The beach surrounds a small lagoon. Walking down the sandspit, we came to another section of beach which was labeled as a public beach area. There were some beach huts here to relax in, and this interesting monument. There was a poseball called "worship"... haha. Thinking this would be something cute like kneeling, I tried it... and the lava god statue sucked me down into the lava, laughing evilly.After this, I took a little siesta in an unused lifeguard tower.
The tower was on the inland side of the island. Behind me you can see the gorgeous view of the lagoon and the sandspit along the sea.
I was able to sweet talk my companion into fixing us some cool drinks in the cabana...
Er... is that giant blue poseball WATCHING us? O.o
Phew, we managed to escape the giant poseball and find a nice soft place for a nap and a cuddle.

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