Friday, June 05, 2009



In general, I don't like "shopping" as a pastime, except when the sim has other interesting or beautiful places to explore. This is one of those exceptions.

Rustica is a themed sim, built around a castle in which the owner sells some very well made furniture and other items.

The neighborhood looks quiet enough, despite all the smoke.
A nice spot to relax with wine and poetry.
OMG, help meeeeeee!!!
I'm not sure if this is a clock or what, but it looks very mystical. The little black spheres orbit around the crystals in the center like planets around the sun.
No idea what bumblebees and black-eyed Susans have to do with the rest of the sim's theme, but I thought they were adorable furniture! The flower has a sit pose on it also.
The relationship of this sofa to the surroundings is also strange, but this sofa would have felt right at home on the Refuge & Expansion sims by AM Radio...

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