Sunday, July 12, 2009

Carnival of Doom


Carnival of Doom is another Rezzable sim soon to leave SL. I had heard this name a million times and figured I had better visit it fast. Turns out it takes a little more time than that, what with trips to Hell and all...

Upon arrival at Carnival of Doom, you have to get and wear a special ticket HUD that allows you to interact with the sim. This keeps track of your Life Points, because this abandoned carnival can be rather hazardous to explore. The Ferris Wheel, for example.
There was a traditional Big Top tent and a carny sideshow trailer, complete with fat lady, two headed yak and Siamese twins.
A mechanical fortune teller... I didn't seem to have any spare change.
A little tongue-in-cheek news...And gosh, who can resist a bloody animal sacrifice around an open fire?
We took our turn at the Shooting Gallery and my companion was awarded a Shrunken Head for his efforts. Um... ick.
The Corn Dogs turned out to be one of the health hazards...
... as did the Slushies.
Drowning in the Dunk-O-Rama was the final nail in my coffin, so to speak...
And I found myself in Hell. It didn't look like I expected, but I have to admit that an empty waiting room did feel like Hell to me. Gotta love the sign, "Welcome to Hell. Please enjoy your stay. Office hours: every freeze-over."
Finally my Life Points were regenerated and I was given the opportunity to escape Hell. I don't like the looks of this guy...
Feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland here...
I did manage to escape Hell, but didn't finish exploring the entire sim, so I'll have to return today and have another shot at it. I'm Doomed!!!

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