Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Empress and Hierophant


This gorgeous sim is the neighbor to the Alchemy Immortalis sim, which is also on my list of sims to explore. It's a like a piece of the Old Country, only the sheep seem to be more adventuresome here.
The arrival point is on a central island, from which one can explore outward. We began by exploring the outer loop, which is mostly along the ocean. The single lane dirt road is a bit muddy, making my choice of footwear all wrong, but the views were worth the blisters.

True to the Old Country, it was foggy and rainy. A refreshing change from all those balmy, tropical sims.
Along the border, we found these signs which were quite amusing, since both sims are more beautiful than most, even during a "transition".
A wonderful way to explore this sim is by rowboat, since there is a waterway all the way around. It was a liesurely (and romantic) way to enjoy the views of the beautiful landscape. The rowboats are provided free.

Be careful when getting out, though. Ours sank when we got out of it!
When rowboats are left adrift, the sheep can get themselves into trouble...
There were strange and playful sheep everywhere. Soccer, anyone?
Perhaps some karaoke?
Rock climbing?
Hmmmm, could this be the source of the famous Golden Fleece?
That is one BIG golden sheep...
Honey... I think those sheep are WATCHING us....

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