Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alchemy Immortalis

SLURL (Note: you can also walk there from Empress and Hierophant.)

Alchemy Immortalis is a dark, rainy valley that is home to a shop. Even with the surrounding hills mostly barren, it was worth visiting just for the weather! The cold and rain is actually a nice change since most SL places are always perfectly sunny. On the neighboring Empress and Hierophant sim (see yesterday's post), you can pick up some foggy Windlight presets they have created specifically for these sims.

The arrival point is just outside the shop, and the glowing spiral text is about the creators. I made myself dizzy spinning around to read it.
Looking at the entrance of the shop. Impressive, isn't it?
The view from a little distance away:
Sneaking out the back door... ooh, it looks a little intimidating...
Eeek, who is buried here? Dissatisfied customers?
(just kidding)
Rain, rain, and more rain. Love it.
By the time we reached the standing stones, the rain had stopped. Beautiful spot for a picnic here.
Did I mention that the stones all over both sims have Intan couple cuddles and dances in them?

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