Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wales Harbour


This sim is fantastic, and well worth the strain on my antique graphics card to run the "high" settings and wait for textures to load.

Wales Harbour has it all. Dancing, romance, exploring, scenery, art, and maybe even a little piracy. The place is large enough to actually keep us busy exploring for more than one day to see it all.

The Paradise Falls are beautiful in a fae sort of way, glowing and sparkling. The sim is in a constant state of sunset with soft lighting and pink clouds.
At the base of the falls are an assortment of couple dances, I couldn't ask for a better spot to take pictures.
Vanity shots... I'm so vaaaaaaiiinnnn....
Oh look, a bunneh!
There are little hideaway spots for conversation and/or snuggling throughout the sim, it's a delightful place for romance.
This scene reminded me of a fairytale castle.
This, on the other hand, reminded me of some hikes I've taken in RL that are this steep, and made me very happy that it was my avatar climbing it and not me. Going up?
More scenic views.
A magical little pond with crystals and bright water was a nice surprise (and sent me into a flurry of trying to build one for myself).
Seriously, you just never know what you will find here... ship ahoy!

This view was absolutely breathtaking. A still snapshot doesn't do it justice.
Heading down into the waterfall mists...
At the bottom we found a sweet little secluded gazebo...
And a nice spot for a picnic.
I had visited this sim a year or so ago, and I remember that there are quite a few things that I didn't get to on this trip. I think I'll let this be a teaser and let you find the giant cat, art museum, wild animals, and space alien for yourself. :)

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  1. Looks really nice Malia. Nice write-up. :)