Friday, July 17, 2009



Thanks to Lexxi for bringing this sim to my attention. My companion told me that Lummerland is the name of a children's story, around which the sim seems to be based. Since I had never read it, I wasn't sure what to make of it all, but there are some really neat things here.

We started out with a train ride around the ground part of the sim.
Then a little sim exploring led me to this giant wooden robot, isn't he neat?
And then there were the Mystery Doors...
I wonder what happens, if I go into the tiny door? (Said Alice, following the white rabbit...)
Gosh, it really does feel like coming out of the rabbit hole!
It was an island in the sky... which I of course fell off of several times and had to be rescued by my companion. (My hero... *dimple*)
An island chain... or a chain of islands?
A giant pipe organ in the sky! What a concert hall that would be.
Oooh, who knew I was so talented?
If you feel like some serious reading, the library contains complete copies of a nice selection of classic books. Frank Baum, Mark Twain, H.G. Wells and others.
Ummmm.... outlaw snowman?
Another door led to a kind of hobo-robot camp, where I got this very cool free avatar!
Another fun toy that was here was this Grid Crash Protection box. (It really works, too!)
I didn't go into all of the Mystery Doors, so there may still be more to see in Lummerland. I'll be visiting there again, for sure.


I did eventually visit Lummerland again, and found something really cool that I had missed the first time: a rideable rocket launcher!
*Sniff* do you smell something burning?

There was also a Viking longboat in the sky...
Oh, and watch out for the gryphon, he bites.

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