Friday, July 24, 2009

Free Shells Tide Pools


Note: The parcels change names, but all seem to be part of Free Shells and open to the public, according to the notecard I received there.

At Free Shells Tide Pools, the first thing you see is tide pools with an assortment of - you guessed it - free sculpty shells lying around to be collected. Free, my favorite kind!

Just beyond the tide pools is a dock where you can borrow a motorboat, which is fun to zip around in. Even I could drive it with a minimal amount of skidding across the sand and rocks.
In the motorboat, we found some little islands with different themed recreation areas, such as drumming, meditation, and a swing for two.
Walking a bit along the beach from the dock, there is a small gazebo that sells 7Seas Fishing equipment. I caught two fish and an old tire.
In the gazebo, there is also a free set of scuba gear, and nearby is an option to take a snorkeling tour for two.
I saw lots of fishies...
And went back for a little manta ray ride, just cause I could.

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