Saturday, July 25, 2009



Enscharys is a sim with a story, which you discover by means of notecards, and a quest to find the Obelisk. The castle and grounds are really beautiful, and there are some lovely places to just relax and enjoy some quiet time, for those who are not quest-minded.

An excerpt from their welcoming information:
"The castle is the ancient home of the Enscharys elven race who held a secret obelisk which, it was said, allowed them to travel from place to place through time and space in the blink of an eye. Adventurers who complete the puzzles here may find their way to the secret room which still to this day houses the obelisk."
This glass castle in the air is a transportation device. There was also another really fun transportation device there, little floating stones that fly you along to your destination, which I enjoyed much more than the usual TP.
Me having a little time-out to relax, in a tree.
The throne room is extremely impressive, even if one is wearing sneakers.
Searching for clues in the Library.
In the planetarium I could even float among the stars... which I did for a long time before I figured out the clue!
One of the sights hidden inside the Maze.
The burning forest... hot hot hot!
Taking a skyboat ride while hunting for clues
Do I dare touch the magic book?
"There are three keys which allow you to enter the Obelisk room and clues how to find them are hidden in the rooms and grounds of the castle."

"The Obelisk will show the bearer of these keys alone the magic of the Enscharys elves. Good luck with your quest............."


  1. How do I get the fire key lol?!

  2. Sorry Anonymous, I have been in China for 8 months and no longer remember the details of this quest. I hope you were able to solve it!