Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Greatest HALLOWEEN RIDE in the world ever!


This place, created by Alicia Stella Designs, Gran Lighting and BlueSean Yiyuan, calls itself "The Greatest HALLOWEEN RIDE in the world ever!" It is open until November 5.

A group of friends and I went on this ride and it was really fun, well built and very creative, with elements of traditional haunted houses, horror films and other surprises (a few of them gory).

I had to wait a long time for textures to load and crashed before getting started, but once I got on the ride, it was totally worth it!

It says it takes 15 minutes, but it really took about 45 minutes, probably because there were a lot of riders at the time, but that was great, 15 minutes would have been too short and we were having fun.

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