Saturday, October 24, 2009

Burning Life: Saturday Night

It's Saturday night, which means there is only 1 day left to explore Burning Life... so I had better hurry up and post as many of my pics as I can!


This magical looking fractal castle called "Filaments of Life" was created by Kerryth Tarantal, and as you can see, looks even lovelier at midnight. She is giving away a beautiful gift.

The next 3 pics are from an exhibit entitled "Light, Space & Aliens", created by AeoNik McMahon.
It was hard to catch that worm, but the ride was totally worth it!

The next thing we wandered into was the exhibit "Lamplighter Village: A Celebration of Fire and Drumming", featuring different kinds of percussion instruments from various countries around the world. In the center was a performance artist dancing on this odd musical flying machine.
Taiko drumming is a RL hobby of mine, so I was thrilled to find these drums here.We followed our musical session with a brief Zen meditation.
We were really tired after all that, so we zonked out in someone's Airstream trailer for a nap.
Nearby was a place to tell stories by the fire and do a little camping.

WHAT is the deal with weird toilets at Burning Life? We don't need to use them but for some reason they are everywhere!

This one had pictorial instructions, presumably for people who have never used a toilet before.
The "you know you're on drugs when..." toilet.
Hmmmm, I think I can wait until I get home. O.o

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