Monday, October 26, 2009

Burning Life: When you've gotta go...

The weirdest feature of Burning Life had to be the port-a-potties everywhere. Need I point out that avatars don't need them? In any case, all of the toilets were strange - some stranger than others.

Some of them I've already posted in my previous entries, but when I began to see just how many of the wacky things there were, I decided to drop the rest of them all in the same cesspool.

This one was in the official "What Is Burning Life" exhibit. Apparently even LL thinks we are full of... y'know.
I've heard of burning waste, but this seems a little extreme.
Graffiti in Toilet Land.
Port-A-Potty to the stars.
The hot seat!
People who live in glass outhouses...

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