Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bentham Forest


Thanks to fellow SL resident Dmitro Lewis for sharing his short film of Bentham Forest; here is a link to his film, for your lag-free sim previewing pleasure: Clicky

This is a truly great haunted forest build, created by Lauren Bentham and Andrek Lowell. I don't know whether it is available year round or only for the Halloween season, so I'd suggest visiting it soon. In addition to just plain spooky ambiance and sounds, there is a series of mini-quests there, for those who want "something to do". It's not too easy; we were unable to find all of the quest items in one afternoon.

I have a fairly out of date graphics card, so I did need to turn my graphics down for performance's sake while I was exploring (there are a lot of particle effects to create the awesome atmosphere), but I cranked it up a few times to take some pics to share with you. I found this place both spooky and beautiful.

Giant fungi grow everywhere, giving the forest a rather damp and moldy air.
The tree branches reminded me way too much of spider legs... (shiver)
This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween...
These Jack-O-Lanterns look rather menacing... even the smiling ones.
The Crystal Cave was indeed beautiful.
These are The Ailing Elders, part of the quest. They may look cheerful, but wait until you hear the dreadful sounds they make.
And then there's THIS guy. Yikes.
Since we haven't finished the quests yet, I can't tell you what happens when you finish them. You'll have to go find out for yourself!

PS. The traffic when I searched for this sim was 6666. How fitting.

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