Monday, October 19, 2009

Burning Life at Random

No SL blog is complete this time of year without some entry about Burning Life. On the weekend it was so laggy I quickly gave up on it, but on a Monday afternoon, I was able to do a little bit of exploring, albeit with all settings as low as possible.

We just teleported to a couple of places in Burning Life and then started wandering around at random, with my draw distance set extremely low, so I don't know exactly where some of these things are.

We started at AM Radio's build. Rumor has it that AM Radio he lost all the data on his HD , and this is what he created at the last minute. It isn't as detailed as some of his past work, but it's interactive in a way I had not yet seen in SL. You can paint your own graffiti on the side of the train cars, by means of a website, which is pretty darn cool! Yeah, some other painters were much better at it than I was, I'm no artist.

Next, we teleported to Loki Eli's build, entitled "Waiting for Pippin", which was a house on top of a clockwork elephant. Inside the house are some really cute troll-like critters that talk when you get hear them.
Also inside the house were a bunch of kids, dancing in a sea of custard and popcorn.

From here, we wandered on foot.

Nearby was a build that had some kind of Pokemon-like critters around the outside and a giant Buddha and meditation space on the inside. The connection eludes me.

However, I did try a little meditation and managed to sit in the right place after a few attempts.

Check out my awesome mind-power, you can see the beams of energy coming right outta my head. Who knew I was sooooo powerful?
No line for THIS porta-potty! It was already occupied by "Fisherman Linden", and the signage on the walls was replete with... you guessed it... potty jokes. Strangely, there seem to be porta-potties all over the place at Burning Life, although our avatars have no need of them whatsoever. Another porta-potty teleported me into a giant space orb.
Next we stumbled across some giant artworks that I don't really understand. Dirt unicorns emerging from a giant zipper...
And a clothesline full of (single) wings...
Honey... I have this funny feeling someone's watching us...
A group of avatars passed by walking on stilts, juggling fire and looking altogether awesome. If there is a place at BL that I can try this, I'd like to find it.
Had a little siesta as all this stuff was wearing me out.

Found the energy for one more burst of wandering and we found this really beautiful giant aquarium, entitled "Bringing Water to the Desert" by Alizarin Goldflake and Rezago Kokorin.

This was worth turning graphics up for, as the jellies and corals were exquisite. I don't think the pictures quite do it justice.
But wait, there's more... you can go into the aquarium and ride the fish! That's me, inside the pink fishy.
Or, do some fancy synchronized swimming. Ethel Merman, eat your heart out.
My cats thought this aquarium was the best part and totally got between me and my monitor, so at this point I called it a day. All in all, I enjoyed Burning Life much more than I expected to, and am now curious enough to visit it again.

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