Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bentham Manor


Bentham Manor is from the same creator who brought you Bentham Forest (see my post earlier this month). It is a haunted house and also a shop, but there is very little signage around to detract from the atmosphere.

Note: For those like me who are graphically lag-challenged, I would suggest parking your avatar after arriving doing something else for 10 minutes while all the textures load.

The haunted dollhouse in the old mill is fabulously detailed.
The mill loft was kind of sad with its abandoned toys.

Climbing up the tower, each room is haunted...
Watch your head.
At the top one can take a breather and enjoy the lovely starry night view.
Hey, I recognize these shroomie elders... haven't I seen them somewhere before?
I'm not sure what's haunted about a bum, but his sign cracked me up.

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