Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Second Life: Second Try

Well, I gave it another try last night. There were a few people I actually recognized, and they greeted me, which was nice.

Once again I found myself at some kind of dance party, surrounded by people who seemed more sophisticated than myself and not knowing what to say or do. I am extremely uncomfortable in this kind of situation in RL, so doing the same thing in 2L is just torture for me.

(This is more like the real me: )

Then I went to another place to escape/relax, but upon exploring what seemed to be just a beach house, I found that everything in it was "adult-themed". Holy moley... I think 2L is just too fast and exciting for a girl like me.

A thousand thanks to Granelda and Cheyanne and Julee and Tana and all of you, for being so kind to me in my awkwardness. (Especially sweet lovely Gran , who practically babysat me for two days.)

BUT... I can't wait to get back to my familiar, beloved, fully-clothed Uru, where I don't feel embarrassed to be a geek!

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