Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Catching Up

Yes, I couldn't resist... the first thing I did when I saw this fountain was jump in and run around in it!

Need to catch up a little here. Last weekend was a busy one, with me still learning how to get around in SL, and 3 more Uru friends joining us (I am no longer the newest of the noobs).

Went shopping for clothing and hairstyles. I finally found a hairstyle that feels more like the real me (a messy short ponytail). Yay! I'm still working on the rest of my appearance; the face is not right and I am WAY too tall.

Found a beautiful dress at Nicky Ree's and bought it by accident (doh!). I misread "Deco" as "Demo" and before I knew it, I had purchased it. Considered returning it, but it is sooooo pretty (the green dress shown in the ballroom picture) that I have decided to keep it. Also bought some more items there - intentionally!

I tried to show off my new dress... and every girl's worst nightmare. The dress didn't load correctly so I looked fine to ME, but to my friend, I was totally topless. How embarrassing!!! From now on, NO changing clothes in front of boys, ever!!!

Visited the SL Botanical Gardens again and STILL didn't see it all. I am distracted too easily... Sumi showed me an interesting place called Numbskulla or something odd like that, where there is some kind of puzzle game with journals and clues and so on. Very cool.

I found a really great resource for SL (the official website is sterile and devoid of any helpful information at all). Natalia Zelmanov's Second Life Diary covers everything - getting started, freebies, nightlife, creating objects/clothing/hairstyles, animations, sightseeing, you name it. She makes entries regularly so there is always some new info there.

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