Thursday, August 16, 2007


Getting a lot of big fat nothing done at work this week, so glad it's Friday. I hope next week I will be more focused.

Back to 2L again last night, to visit with Uru friends at Zed & Peachy's house. That was cool, pretty mellow. We hung out and chatted and made bad jokes and danced and listened to music... (hmmmm.... sounds like Bevin to me... only we can dance a lot better!)

Callie and Cella gave me some more clothes (which I would prefer to try out in private), and later everyone taught me how to use some of the emotes there. Callie and Peaches even gave me ballroom dancing lessons - above pic is me dancing with Callie.

The emotes ("gestures") there are customizable and vary from weird and silly (boing) to fun (hug and dance and cuddle) to X-rated (don't know these, thank you). Some of them you have with you and others are anchored to a place, for example in the pool you can float.

The clothing there can also range from blah to superb... the best clothing even flows out when the wearer moves, the rendering is pretty amazing. Cella has promised to take me "shoe shopping".

Something new, something silly, something to tease my mind while I wait for the next URU "Episode"...

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