Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Second Life: Third time's a charm

Dear sweet Gran.... she would not give up until she found something in 2L that I would enjoy.

Last night she took me to some places that were beautiful and peaceful. It started out just she and I, and we went to the Botanical Gardens, which was absolutely beautiful and had music I really liked. When I went out over the ocean and saw this huge moon in the sky with its reflection on the water, tears sprang to my eyes. It was like seeing a Myst Age for the first time. There were fountains hanging in the starry sky, which we could visit. And the best part, we seemed to have the place to ourselves (thank gooodness)!

Oh... and from the arrival location at the Botanical Gardens is a circular fountain... I had an irresistible urge to jump in it and splash around... (hmmmm, I wonder why?) so I did!

Shortly we were joined by some others from Uru - Rin, Kxxy, Borg, Tana, & Annija (still a bit overwhelming, if I've forgotten someone please forgive me). Now this was really nice... all Uru friends in a beautiful place together, just hanging out (and all fully clothed!).

After that, Gran introduced all of us to several more lovely places... this is much more what I had imagined it should be like. Relaxing with friends in a nice environment. I really DID enjoy this very much.

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