Friday, January 01, 2010

Syzygy in Winter


Syzygy is a set of four sims and is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon... or two... or three...
Syzygy has been winterized, and shall be so until approximately March 1, 2010. Most of the lands are open to public exploration, so please feel free to explore beyond even the scope of the locations below.

The lands are designed for natural beauty and exploration... as well as romance.
The owners have taken the time to put together a detailed notecard with landmarks and descriptions of the various public areas.
Syzygy Selene: Beach of Romance
Need more be said? Even the chameleon is attired for winter and will never tell about all that he sees! Red Intan dance crystal is next to the chameleon.
Syzygy Selene: Cute Skating
Join the dancing snowmen on the ice, strap on some skates, and take a turn along the cuteness.
Syzygy Selene - PF&EA Home: Treehouse Tower
Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks & Elric Anatine welcome you to their home. Warm yourself by the fire, snuggle on the oversized bed, gather around the dining table laden with goodies or dance beneath the mistletoe (Intan dance stand to the right of the fireplace).
Syzygy Eos: Heli Pad & Christmas Gathering
Atop a hill you will find a touring helicopter pad. You will also find a small Christmas themed gathering area.
Syzygy Pyxis: Kulta's Neko Teien
Neko no Jinja (Cat Shinto Shrine) is a whimsical Japanese Shinto Shrine in honor of a feline Kami (loosely, "Deity") ~ which is nestled into the quiet hills of Syznygy, overlooking a rambling valley, Neko Teien (garden).
Syzygy Selene: Physic Garden & Apothecary
Welcome to the Physic Garden and Apothecary, protected by the Dark One. Romantic couple animations are spread throughout this expansive area. The greenhouse will warm you, as will the apothecary. But watch for brambles and treacherous snow!
Note to self: maybe tasting things in the bottles in the apothecary was not such a good idea.
Syzygy Selene: Twisted Snowman Skate
Tour the twisted snowmen of the cove on skates!
The remaining pics are of places that were not mentioned on the notecard, but all of which indicated that they are also public.

An ancient Egyptian ruin... with snow? And a stargate?
A pirate ship, inside which you can drink, dance or snuggle... or all of the above.
The Crystal Cave. I didn't find Merlin or Nimue there, but it was lovely nonetheless.

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