Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Once again I find myself blogging a sim just before its closure. The creator will still have another sim called Locus, but the Cetus sim will be closed at the end of January.

This entire build is a display of amazing visual art created by DB Bailey, and if you play the land music too, the total ambiance is stunning.

He is the only SL artist I've seen who actually uses the alpha texture sorting bug to enhance his work, it's worth seeing just for this alone.

There is also a small but classy modern art gallery.

On top of all that, one of my favorite builds from Burning Life, Musical Evolution, has been placed there temporarily. To access it, fly to the top of the very tall cylindrical thing and enter where the hand points. (This was interactive with sounds, so if you enter the Burning Life exhibit be sure to turn music off and sounds on.)

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  1. That looks like some awesome stuff! Ive been meaning to bring my RL artwork into SL some more. I have a place up in the sky, but I have more pieces I could sell and should make them available for purchase in SL too I think. Maybe that will be my next project.