Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Space Between The Trees by AM Radio

Right after I visited here, I heard a rumor that yet another AM Radio sim is soon to be closed. I'm glad that I got to see this build while it was up. AM Radio's builds are always intriguing, as though one has been dropped unexpectedly in the middle of a story. To add to this feeling, he leaves some objects around to be taken and used, further adding to the sense of something that one should be doing.

There semed to be at least 5 linked areas in this build, but I could be wrong, as I got a little turned around...

The first place we landed was this curious satellite installation in the desert.
A curious thing happened, all the dishes suddenly decided to phone home to a giant blue orb in the sky... I hope they weren't talking about us. Venturing outward we found a door... that led us to...
The next area, which was a rural area by a farm, with a familiar looking little gas station. Now where have I seen that before?
In the burning field, who should we see standing there but AM Radio himself?
The pumpkin patch was ripe and ready for harvesting. A peek inside the barn...I couldn't resist.
When we found the way to escape this place, we found ourselves in the middle of winter.
Pssssssst... don't look now, but there he is again...
The next place we landed, we were standing in the middle of a shallow bay. Too bad I wasn't wearing rubber boots, that pair of shoes was totally ruined.
The fifth place we found, which might or might not be the last, was a lonely section of railroad track in the heartland.
Keep your eyes on that locomotive engine in the distance... if you have visited AM Radio's builds in the past you may recognize it shortly.So THAT's where I put the good china!
Yesssssss..... it's THAT locomotive! Take me away, aliens!

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